Troubleshooting a 403 Forbidden Error in CLI

If you encounter a "403 Forbidden" error when trying to use the command line interface (CLI) tool, make sure that you provide the tool with Metacloud credentials.

To provide the CLI with Metacloud credentials that all the OpenStack services use, download and source an environment file from your Dashboard. This file also informs the system which region, API versions, and Identity endpoint to use for authentication. 

NOTE: The environment file is project-specific. Make sure to download the file for the project you want to work in.

  1. Log into the Dashboard.
  2. From the drop-down list select the project for which you need credentials.
  3. On the Project tab, open the ACCESS & SECURITY tab, and click API Access.
  4. On the API Access tab, click Download OpenStack RC File and save the file. The filename syntax is
  5. Copy the file to the computer from which you want to run OpenStack commands.
  6. On any shell from which you want to run OpenStack commands, source the file:

    $ source <PROJECT_NAME> 
  7. When you are prompted, enter the OpenStack password.
  8. Test the credentials by running an OpenStack command:

    $ openstack image list

If the command returns an error, you may need to update the environment file variables. See the Cisco Metacloud Documentation topic Providing Metacloud Credentials to CLI Tools for more information.

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