Metacloud Naming Conventions

The Metacloud team uses specific patterns for hostnames and other equipment in a Metacloud installation. Understanding the pattern for a hostname helps you identify device attributes, such as its Availability Zones (AZ) or how it is used, which can be helpful in certain situations:

  • Troubleshooting a machine, such as a hypervisor on which an instance is not loading
  • Determining the URL for a Dashboard or API endpoint in a given Availability Zone (AZ)
  • Labeling hardware in a data center

Hostname Patterns for Devices

Note: In the following examples, angle brackets <> indicate variables, and square brackets [] indicate optional elements.

Metacloud administrators can see hostnames in various Dashboard views, such as System Info, or via command line by running the openstack service list command. Refer to the following examples when looking at the table of hostname elements:




Element Meaning
mcp[N] The device is a Metacloud Control Plane (MCP)*, as in the first example. The letters precede a numeral that distinguishes it from the other two MCPs. An installation includes three MCPs. 
mhv[N] The device is a Metacloud Hypervisor (MHV)*, as in the second example. The letters precede a numeral that distinguishes it from other MHVs. An installation may include up to 400 MHVs. 
AZ[N] An Availability Zone (AZ) abbreviation contains three to five letters preceding a numeral that distinguishes a given AZ from others in the same organization. 
oob This indicates an out-of-band network device.

* If the hostname does not include the mcp or mhv element, the device is something else, such as a switch or router.

Dashboard and API endpoint URLs

The following conventions apply to URLs in Metacloud installations, unless your organization requests otherwise.

Dashboards URLs include the AZ and the Metacloud domain by default:


The letters AZ precede a numeral that distinguishes it from other AZs in your organization.

API endpoint URLs include AZ, the Metacloud domain, and the port number. They may also include the API version number, and project ID:


TIP: For related information about Availability Zones (AZ) and Aggregates for Metacloud refer to the Metacloud Administrator Guide in the topic Capacity Planning for availability zones information, and in the topic Creating and Managing Host Aggregates for host aggregates information.


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