Updates to support.metacloud.com complete

In early 2017, we updated support.metacloud.com. The way your support requests are handled will stay the same. Also, you will have the same access to self-service articles as before. There are minor look-and-feel changes to the site's navigational links:

  • Links to "Submit a Request", "Requests", and "Home" appear across the upper right area instead of tabs across the upper left area.
  • Also in the upper right area, your user profile dropdown includes a new "My Activities" link when you are logged in. This leads to requests you initiated, requests you are CC'ed on, and requests made by other members of your organization.

Additional self-service documentation is available at docs.metacloud.com.

We will continue improvements and welcome your input. Please feel free to contact us about anything you see on this site.

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