External Storage Device Support

External Storage Device Support

Cisco Metacloud is very flexible and is adaptable to almost any cloud application storage requirement. Besides supporting Ephemeral storage on hypervisors and a distributed block storage service based on Ceph, Metacloud can also support customers who want to attach their existing storage devices to their private cloud.  We use the OpenStack Cinder driver to establish connection to the external storage device. Details of the configuration of will be worked out during service activation or at the time the customer elects to attach the storage device to the cloud. Below are the current supported OpenStack Cinder Drivers. 

OpenStack Cinder Driver  - Protocol - Vendor(s) Supported

OpenStack NFS Driver - NFS - Netapp or other NFS attached devices

SolidFire iSCSI Driver - iSCSI - SolidFire

Cisco Support for "Customer Managed Storage"

When Customers attach an external storage devices, or "Customer Managed Storage",  to their Availability Zone they are responsible for managing the storage device, including performance and capacity.  


If you don't see support for a protocol or a specific vendor that you are using, please contact your Cisco salesperson or Metacloud Support.


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