Available OpenStack Services & Clients

The following OpenStack CLIs are supported and installed with our implementation, enabling users to access APIs through easy-to-use commands. 

Services & Clients currently installed:

Service Client Package Description
Block Storage cinder python-cinderclient Create and manage volumes.
Compute nova python-novaclient Create and manage images, instances, and flavors.
Identity keystone python-keystoneclient Create and manage users, tenants, roles, endpoints, and credentials
Image Service glance python-glanceclient Create and manage images.
Orchestration heat python-heatclient Launch stacks from templates, view details of running stacks including events and resources, and update and delete stacks.
Networking neutron python-neutronclient Create and manage networks, routers, floating IPs

Commands can easily be ran from the command line, or be included within your automation scripts. Using OpenStack auth credentials, such as name and password, users can run these commands directly on their computer.

Internally, each command uses cURL command-line tools, which embed API requests. OpenStack APIs are RESTful APIs, and use the HTTP protocol. They include methods, URIs, media types, and response codes.

OpenStack APIs are open-source Python clients, and can run on Linux or Mac OS X systems. On some client commands, you can specify a debug parameter to show the underlying API request for the command. This is a good way to become familiar with the OpenStack API calls.

The following table lists the command-line client for each OpenStack service with its package name and description. Please see "Installing CLIs" for installation help. 


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