Creating Flavors

Creating a Flavor

  1. Login to the dashboard as an admin. Click on Flavors section.

  2. Click on Create Flavor button.

  3. In the Create Flavor dialog box, specify the following values in the Flavor Info tab.


This is the name of the flavor to be created


This is automatically generated. Leave as auto.


Number of virtual CPUs to use

RAM (mb):

Amount of memory allocated to instance (in megabytes)

Root Disk (Gb):

Amount of disk space(in gigabytes)  to use for the root partition (/)

Ephemeral Disk (Gb):

Amount of disk space (in gigabytes) to use for a secondary ephemeral partition. If unspecified, the value is 0 by default.

Ephemeral disks is an empty, unformatted disk and exists only for the life of the instance.  Ephemeral disks are not available for snapshots.

Swap Disk (Mb):

Amount of swap space (in megabytes) to use. If unspecified, the value is 0 by default.


  1. In the Flavor Access tab admins can define which flavors are available to which projects.  By default all projects can use a flavor.

  2. Click Create Flavor to create the new flavor.


A message will appear to confirm that the flavor has been created and the flavor will be listed on the Flavors page.

Creating a Flavor with Extra Specs

Flavors with extra specs allow admins to set additional parameters to control how instances will behave or which hypervisor they will be launched on.  

To modify or add extra specs to a flavor:

  1. First create a flavor as defined above.

  2. On the Flavors page select View Extra Specs from the dropdown.

  3. On the dialog box that appears you will be able to view any extra specs defined for the flavor.

  4. Click on the Create button.

  5. On the Create Flavor Extra Spec dialog box that appears you will be able specify the extra specs needed.  

  6. Click the Create button when finished.

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