Create and Manage Networks

Create and manage networks

The networking service provides a scalable system for managing the network connectivity within an Metapod cloud deployment. It can easily and quickly react to changing network needs (for example, creating and assigning new IP addresses).

There are numerous networking configurations and options with Metapod. This section provides the basic instructions for creating a network and a router to allow you to get started. 

Create a network

1. As an Admin log in to the dashboard.

2. From the Project tab, select the appropriate project.

3. On the Project tab, open the Network tab and click Networks category.


4. Click Create Network


5. In the Create Network dialog box, specify the following values.


  • Network tab
  • Network Name: Specify a name to identify the network.
  • Admin State: The state to start the network in.

6. Subnet tab


Create Subnet: Select this check box to create a subnet

You do not have to specify a subnet when you create a network, but if you do not specify a subnet, any attached instance receives an Error status.

Subnet Name: Specify a name for the subnet.

Network Address: Specify the IP address for the subnet. In this form

IP Version: Select IPv4.  IPv6 is currently not supported


Gateway IP: Specify an IP address for a specific gateway. This parameter is optional.

Disable Gateway: Select this check box to disable a gateway IP address.

7. Subnet Details tab (optional)


Enable DHCP: Select this check box to enable DHCP.


Allocation Pools: Specify IP address pools.

DNS Name Servers: Specify a name for the DNS server.

Host Routes: Specify the IP address of host routes.

8. Click Create.


The dashboard shows the network on the Networks tab.


Create a router

1. As an admin log in to the dashboard.

2. From the CURRENT PROJECT on the Project tab, select the appropriate project.

3. On the Project tab, open the Network tab and click Routers category.


4. Click Create Router.



In the Create Router dialog box, specify a name for the router and click Create Router.


The new router is now displayed in the Routers tab.

5. Click the new router’s Set Gateway button.


In the External Network field, specify the network to which the router will connect, and then click Set Gateway

Note a gateway is not required unless external connectivity is required


To connect a private network to the newly created router, perform the following steps:

1. On the Routers tab, click the name of the router.

2. On the Router Details page, click the Interfaces tab, then click Add Interface.


3. In the Add Interface dialog box, select a Subnet.


Optionally, in the Add Interface dialog box, set an IP Address for the router interface for the selected subnet.

If you choose not to set the IP Address value, then by default OpenStack Networking uses the first host IP address in the subnet.

The Router Name and Router ID fields are automatically updated.

4. Click Add Interface.


You have successfully created the router. You can view the new topology from the Network Topology tab.



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