Configuring Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for Cisco Metapod Compatibility

Compatibility between Cisco Metacloud and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) requires no configuration changes for Metacloud and is achieved by mapping traditional networking constructs to the ACI fabric by configuring ACI to use the EPG as VLAN method. It should be noted that each project/tenant in a Metacloud environment is associated with a separate VLAN and should be configured as follows: 

  • Have a unique Application Network Profile with one (1) EPG
  • Unique Bridge Domain with flooding enabled
  • No security Contracts in place
  • Manually specify a switch port and VLAN that will be associated with the EPG using static path bindings. 

Finally, while it's possible to configure ACI to be compatible with Metacloud, there is no guarantee that you will have all of the features offered through ACI within your Metacloud environment. 

For more information, please reference Application Centric Infrastructure - Endpoint Groups Usage and Design.

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