Project Invitation Tokens

When a project is created, a unique project token is generated to allow project managers to easily invite additional users to the project by simply sharing the invitation token with a larger group. Users with an invitation token can then simply join a project by validating their token on the dashboard. 

To join a project using a token:

  1. Go to the Available Projects section of the Home page.

  2. Find the project name and click Join Project.

  3. In the dialog box that is displayed enter in the token for the project and click Join Project.

After joining the project, the specific project will be listed in the Assigned Projects list on the Home page and the project will be available will be able in the Project List drop-down.


Regenerating Project Tokens

If a Project Manager determines that they would like to restrict access to the project they can regenerate the project token. Regenerating the token invalidates any prior tokens. Users who already have access to the project are not affected, but any new user with an old token will be denied access.  

To regenerate the  token for a project:

  1. Select the Down arrow and select the Regenerate Token action.

  2. In the dialog box that is displayed, the new token will be displayed.

To confirm you want to activate the new token, click Regenerate Token.


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