Connecting an Instance to a Network

Upon delivery to your organization, your Metacloud build includes one public network, which provides external access to the Internet for your internal, Metacloud networks.

The build also includes two internal networks. One is in a project that is only accessible to the Metacloud team for administrative purposes. The other is in a default project accessible to your organization for running Metacloud operations.

Each internal network is connected to a router that is set as the default gateway to the public network.

You can create additional networks and routers, depending on your quotas.

A required part of the workflow for creating a new instance is connecting it to a network. You can only connect an instance to internal networks. If you attempt to connect it to a public network, the instance creation fails, even though the public network appears as an available network in the Dashboard.

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When an instance initiates communication with an external network, its information passes through the router that serves as the default gateway for its internal network. Through Network Address Translation (NAT), the router provides a floating IP address that identifies the instance for the destination host on the external network.

For inbound communications, the sending host uses a floating IP address for the destination instance on the internal network. The communication passes through the router which NAT-translates the floating IP address to the internal IP address of the instance.

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TIP: Use the NETWORK TOPOLOGY feature in the Dashboard to determine which internal networks are, or are not, connected to external networks.

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