Viewing Instances in All Projects

If you are a Metacloud admin, you will be able see instances listed for all projects in your cloud, which will be a different view than just the instances in one project.

Your admin view in the Dashboard displays information about all of the projects that you have access to as a Metacloud admin. Depending on the numbers of projects in your cloud and instances in your projects, you may see significantly more instances in your admin view than in your project view. The latter only displays instances for a single project at any time.

For that reason, you may not see a given instance on the first page of your ADMIN > INSTANCES table as you would in the PROJECT > INSTANCES table. As the example screenshot shows, an instance called vm 21 in a project called Tenant 3 does not appear on the first page of the ADMIN > INSTANCES table, depending on the pagination settings.

To see more instances on the table, click the More >> link at the bottom. 

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You can also change how many rows appear on your Dashboard tables:

  1. Click your user name at the top right corner of the Dashboard.
  2. Choose User Settings from the drop-down list.
  3. On the User Settings page, change the number in the ITEMS PER PAGE text box.
  4. Click SAVE.

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To view instances in all projects using the command line interface (CLI), run:
 openstack server list --all-projects.

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